What are the Most Popular Tools for Automation Testing?

List of Popular Tools for Automated Testing


  • Visual testing, comprehensive classification, and requirement mapping
  • In-sprint automation, web-mobile-API, and desktop, plug-and-play
  • All-inclusive subscription, unlimited proxies, 50% off

2. Virtuoso

  • Run at scale on any device, browser, or cloud operating system
  • Anyone can make API calls and log them for functional testing
  • Instant test finding every visual regression from baseline

3. Katalon

  • It works on Windows, macOS, and Linux and can use for various purposes
  • Minimum programming skills required to use this tool
  • You can write complex and advanced automation scripts
  • The basis for most other software testing tools
  • Supports parallel test execution to reduce test execution time
  • The code can run on various frameworks like Selenium
  • The test code was written in plain English called Gherkin
  • Supports languages ​​such as Ruby, Java, Scala, and Groovy

6. Appium

  • Automate any mobile app with any testing language and framework
  • You don’t need to recompile the SDK or your app to test native apps
  • It uses the WebDriver protocol to drive iOS, Android, and even Windows apps



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