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Regression Testing Tools

There is no doubt that software regularly needs updates for security reasons or to add new features. There are many other reasons for updating software. Moreover, while software updates, new codes are implemented to add new features.

Moreover, it happens very often that software gets bugs and glitches after getting updated. It occurs due to the contradictions between the new and existing codes.

So, to ensure that it doesn’t happen to you and your software, you should use regression testing tools. In this blog, you’ll learn what a regression testing tool is, how it works, and a list of the best regression testing tools.

Before we get into Regression testing tools in software testing, let’s first understand what a regression testing tool is.

What is a regression testing tool?

A regression testing tool is designed to test software for any bugs and glitches that may have appeared after an update. When the new code in software is implemented to add new features or to enhance performance and security, it may lead to a conflict between the new and old logic on which the software is currently working.

However, it doesn’t need to happen every time and with the whole code. It mainly occurs to a specific element of the code. So, it becomes hard for the testers to find out the element with the glitch or bug if there’s no version control in the software. In such cases, automated regression testing tools help quickly find the software’s defective parts.

List of Regression Testing Tools

Below we mentioned the list of top 10 regression testing tools that will ensure your existing functions work properly as per aspected after the changes on the product.

1) Subject 7

The first in the list is one of the best-automated regression testing tools, Subject 7. It has multiple tests embedded in a single place and works on the cloud. That is why it has become a sophisticated tool for regression testing. Moreover, Subject 7 states it can cut the testing time by 80%.

Features of Subject 7

  • Subject 7 is an easy-to-use regression testing tool that doesn’t require writing a single line of code.
  • It provides easy Integration with your software’s DevOps, APIs, and plugins.
  • It allows you to schedule multiple tests to run overnight, saving you precious time.
  • Subject 7 provides enterprise-level security, which makes it one of the best automated regression testing tools for businesses.

2) Cerberus Testing

If you are searching for an open-source regression testing tool, then Cerberus is your best option. It is a truly open-source regression testing tool. Along with software testing for mobile and desktop, it also offers API and Web testing. Moreover, you can get a trial of Cerberus for free to determine its capabilities.

Features of Cerberus

  • It has an easy-to-use interface that requires minimal coding.
  • It allows you to perform parallel testing on local and remotely located servers.
  • Cerberus has a built-in analytics dashboard for instant insights and data.
  • It has a faster testing process with quick interaction between the processes like test repository, test execution, and reporting.

3) Avo Assure

If you are impressed with the abilities of Artificial Intelligence, then Avo Assure will also attract you. Avo Assure is an AI-powered automated regression testing tool. Moreover, AVO Automation, the parent company of Avo Assure, also offers Avo iTDM, a test data management system powered by AI.

Features of Avo Assure

  • Avo Assure has a fully automated process that includes three steps — test design, parallel execution, and test maintenance for reuse.
  • It has CI/CD integration with DevOps.
  • It is easy to use without requiring a single line of code.
  • Avo Assure has multiple platform compatibility. Hence, it is one of the regression testing tools in software testing, which also supports testing websites, web applications, ERPs, and many more.

4) Katalon

Katalon has a studio which has multiple features. Ketalon TestCloud and Ketalon Test Runtime Engine are among the best visual regression testing tools. Moreover, Katalon is one of the best free regression testing tools, which means you can use it for free. However, if you are a company, their premium and ultimate plans will suit you more.

Features of Katalon

  • It has multiple AI-embedded features that make the process easier and faster.
  • Ketalon provides smooth integration with various CI/CDs like GitLab, Bamboo, Jenkins, etc.
  • It can test all the functional and non-functional features of your application.

5) Applitools

Another tool you can consider if you are searching for visual regression testing tools is Applitools. It is specially designed to test mobile applications. Since it is an AI-powered tool, it also automates testing applications.

Features of Applitools

  • Applitools’ AI is so advanced that it acts like a human regression tester.
  • It has a very easy-to-use layout, which helps understand the tool quickly.
  • Applitools provides integrationIntegration with multiple bug reporting tools such as Jira.

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6) Selenium

Selenium is among the most talked about free regression testing tools. It provides an automated process for testing web applications. Moreover, it has support for many browsers and platforms, making it a diverse tool for regression testing.

Features of Selenium

  • It has its development environment called Selenium IDE or Integrated Development Environment.
  • It offers Selenium WebDriver, which is a browser-based regression testing environment.
  • Selenium is an open-source and free regression testing tool.

7) Ranorex

Ranorex is a well-known name for regression testing tools in software testing. Whether you want a code-based testing environment or a truly codeless environment, Ranorex will provide both. Moreover, Ranorex is trusted by more than 4000 companies worldwide.

Features of Ranorex

  • Ranorex has a list of various testing tool integrations.
  • It has a customizable interface to revise your desired details, such as screenshots, screen recordings, error logs, etc.
  • It has a 30-day free trial program that lets you explore its features, capabilities, and use cases.

8) Testimony

Testimony is the regression testing tool developed by Basis Technologies. It is an integral component of the sole test automation platform. Moreover, Testimony is designed particularly for SAP software. Hence, it has revolutionized regression testing tools in software testing. It has done so by removing the need to craft and upkeep test scripts. Additionally, it has also eliminated the demand for managing test data.

Features of Testimony

  • Testimony speeds up regression testing. Hence, you can conduct it more often.
  • It can automatically generate, run, and maintain the library of your tests.
  • This regression testing tool helps you to enhance the efficiency of development. It does so by moving regression testing earlier in the process.
  • Testimony is a regression testing tool in software testing that lowers your testing expenses. Moreover, it frees up your functional experts.

9) Appsurify TestBrain

Appsurify is one of the regression testing tools that has made testing very easy. It helps you to check your apps more often. Moreover, you can even catch problems earlier. Hence, this regression testing tool makes testing a speedy process. It is a superfast tool that uses innovative technology. So, it completes most of the tests very quickly. It takes fifteen minutes to complete testing using this tool. You can use it when you need more time to run all your tests or are facing missing issues.

Features of Appsurify

  • Appsurify TestBrain reduces test completion time by 90%.
  • It helps you achieve a comprehensive coverage of the test.
  • This regression testing tool can stop tests from causing issues in the code.

10) testRigor

tesRigor’s way of testing is straightforward. Hence, it comes under one of the top regression testing tools. It is the best match for you if you want to automate many tests. It is because testRigor helps in automation without causing any usual problems. The manual testers can also help with automation in this tool. Moreover, by using testRigor, you can save up to 99.5% of your time while updating the tests.

Features of testRigor

  • testRigor creates test cases by using simple, everyday English.
  • It takes much less time to upkeep than other regression testing tools.
  • You can easily find and replace tools to quickly repair any test issues. Hence, you can reduce the downtime significantly.
  • Most importantly, you can access a device with various system setups.

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In the world of software, regression testing tools are like trusty helpers. They make sure that your software stays strong and works well. This list has covered all kinds of regression testing tools. Whether you prefer the regression testing tools in software testing or cost-effective free options, this list contains something for everyone. Hence, using these tools as a safety net for your software can simplify your workflow. Lastly, these tools ensure that your users get software that works consistently.

Discover how our top-notch regression testing services can transform your software’s reliability. Contact us now to discuss your project and let’s ensure your code stands the test of time!”

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