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TestCraft is an automation test platform for continuous and regression testing for web applications. It comes with AI (Artificial Intelligence) to overcome the budget cost and less maintenance time with automatic control of the changes in the app.

Test engineers can create selenium-based and automated tests in Craft Testing by drag and drop interface.

It runs on multiple browser platforms and work environments without any problem.

Coding Vs Manual

Selenium is an open-source automation framework for web applications. This is a widely used tool for test automation by QA. It has some disadvantages also like it does not support mobile automation. TestCraft with selenium fully fulfills this drawback of selenium.

The overview to selenium code automation is a costly processes that need many changes and long processes for the organizations. The best way to move is to first overpass the gap between manual and coding tests by letting manual testers use tools like TestCraft. By this manual testers can control when selenium code is automatically created.

Features of TestCraft

  • Super Simple — It has a beautiful and intuitive UI and smooth design user experience, no dev skills are required to master in TestCraft.
  • DevOps Friendly — Test craft is purely Saas and testing becomes an integral part of the agile process.
  • Low Maintenance — It requires low maintenance and a unique on-the-fly mechanism fixes issues during run time.
  • Fast — Quick and fast setup and rapid test creation. The framework is not required.
  • Multi-Platform — It runs tests simultaneously on different and multiple platforms & work environments.
  • AI-Powered automation — In this, AI and machine learning technology automatically detect and overcome changes in the app. This reduces the time and effort required.
  • Codeless Automation — It uses a codeless automation approach which means users do not need programming to create and run automation tests. This also provides drag and drop to create test scenarios easily and quickly.
  • Integrations — It can integrate with different software development tools like Jenkins, Selenium, and Jira. This allows users to run testing processes and improve collaboration.

How TestCraft works?

TestCraft uses codeless and AI automation approaches that allow users to create automated tests with visual elements. In this platform, AI automation features automatically detect and make the changes in the app under test and reduce time and effort.

1) Test Craft Signup

The first step is to sign up with Test Craft for a free or a subscription purchase.

2) Create Project

After completing the signup process, users can create a new project in the Test Craft. It allows the users to create the projects and manage them efficiently.

3) Cretae a Test Scenario

After creating a project, users can start creating test cases and scenarios. Its visual features allow users to create tests easily and quickly using visual elements like icons, images, and screenshots with drag and drop interface.

4) Run Test Scenario

After creating the test scenarios, users can execute the test scenarios to check whether they work as expected or not. Its AI automation feature automatically detects and modifies the changes in the app and ensures that the test scenario runs reliably and accurately.

8) Analyze the Result

After executing the test scenario, users can analyze the resulting outcome to ensure and identify the defects, bugs, or errors in the application flow. It also provides different analytic tools by which users can identify issues efficiently and quickly. Our experts have written a guide on the difference between bugs and defects. Feel free to checkout!

9) Fix the Issues

Now After analyzing the result, users can fix the issues that are identified by the testing process. Its integration feature helps to communicate and collaborate effectively and ensures that every user is on the same page.

Test Dropdown List in TestCraft

Dropdown lists are generally the key element of the web and navigate with them online. Some automation tools and recorders are unable to validate attributes of dropdown lists. Testing dropdowns in TestCrafts are simple and easy to use. Include a dropdown list which is part of the flow and select the value to be tested.

Flow is simple which is done by using drag and drop or on live by running the app, clicking and pointing the elements in the flow. A new test model will be created which you can then run on different browsers and work environments.

Test Automation on Health Care

The need for test automation to maintain a faster release cycle has significantly increased as a result of the digital transformation of the healthcare sector.

Many healthcare organizations use TestCraft for their test automation platform to meet their business requirements without reshuffling their existing teams. QA successfully scaled up his test automation by implementing Test Craft and shortening the release cycle by 50% while maintaining the throughput.

Advantages of Test Craft

  • Save time and cost.
  • Increase efficiency and accuracy.
  • Reduces errors and defects.
  • Improve collaboration and communication.

Disadvantages of Test Craft

  • Limited Platform support
  • Limited customization
  • Complex initial setup.


TestCraft is a software testing platform that provides a range of benefits with cost-saving, accuracy, and efficiency. Its codeless automation and AI automation features help to create and maintain automated tests and allow teams to other major aspects of the development process. Overall TestCraft is an attractive option for improving the web apps testing process and their development flow.

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