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2 min readOct 6, 2022

Have You Ever Considered The Prime Motto of Software Development?

Well, it is the need for making sure that a particular program matches the demands and requirements of a large target audience.

Dependable, high-quality content with zero bugs and errors is the central pillar of consumer happiness.

To build a product that your consumers can trust, you must pay special attention to software testing. It helps find the flaws in a program and fix them for better software development.

What are the most important software testing types, you ask? They are — regression testing and retesting.

What Is Regression Testing?

The literal meaning of the term regression in English is to return to its former condition or state. However, in software jargon, this is not necessarily a good thing.

This is the reason why software developers perform regression testing before launching their final software. It is done to verify that new features and additions do not negatively affect the previous features of the program.

To perform a regression test on any program, software developers first create a regression suite. This suite contains a variety of test cases to check the older features and updates of the program.

Such tests are mostly automated because they build up parallels with software updates as changes.

What Is Retesting?

As you read in the above section, regression testing detects any bugs and performance errors in the previous updates of the program. This is not the case with retesting.

As the name suggests, retesting is defined as checking previously detected bugs and code errors and fixing them. This is the type of testing method that is followed for fixed bugs.

After getting a clear idea of these terms, we suggest you move on to their noteworthy differences.

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What would be the point of Differences between Regression Testing and Retesting?

If you’re preparing for a QA team interview or software development, then the must-prepare question for the tech interview is regression testing and retesting.

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