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In this blog you will learn how to create a python function to read and fetch the data from excel sheet and then call that function in your robot class.

Read Employee Name from the excel file whose screenshot is shared as below:

Create a function to read data from Excel File using Python

First Install Openpyxl library in your system as per the steps mentioned below:
1. Open command prompt.

2. Write “pip install robotframework-openpyxllib” command to install openpyxl library.

Now create a python file. You can give any name to your file and save it with .py extension.

I have created a file python file as

import openpyxl
def open_and_read_excel_file(sheetname, column_value, file):
filename = file
wb_obj = openpyxl.load_workbook(filename, data_only = True)
sheet_obj = wb_obj.get_sheet_by_name(sheetname)
column = int(column_value)
m_row = sheet_obj.max_row
my_list = [] #created an empty list
for i in range(2, m_row): # Here I have started the loop from 2 as I want to skip the column heading value in output
cell_obj = sheet_obj.cell(row=i, column=column)
return my_list

Here I have created a function as open_and_read_excel_file and passed three parameters in that function. Use all the parameters are stated below:
a) sheetname — You can pass the sheet name to read the data from particular sheet by specifying the sheet name.
b) column_value — Give column value whose data you want to get.
c) file — Give name of excel file which you have created.

Use ‘Data only’ property if you want to fetch the value of cell instead of formula.

All above mentioned parameters we will pass at a time of function call through robot framework.

Calling python function in robot framework to read excel data.

# Import OpenPyxlLibrary, ExcelLibrary and the File in which you have created a function to read data from excel file.
*** Settings ***
Library OpenPyxlLibrary
Library ExcelLibrary
Library ../Scripts/
*** Test Cases ***
Read Excel File Data
#open excel and read data from excel
${excel_val}= ExcelHandling.Open And Read Excel File Sheet1 1 E:\\Project_Name\\Files\\Test.xlsx
# Here ‘Sheet1’ is the name of the sheet from which I want to read the data, ‘1’ is the first column whose data I want to get.
# ‘Test.xlsx’ is an excel file which data I want to read.
FOR ${data} IN ${excel_val} # loop to print the excel sheet value on console
log to console ${data}

Let’s save this file with “TestExcel.robot”

Run the above file by using the following command:
> robot TestExcel.robot



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