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Code reviewing is a practice that deals with finding inefficiencies, bugs, and spots for improvement in a code. It can be considered a skill enhancement practice for employees working in an organization. Code review works by assigning code written by a programmer to a code reviewer to check for any bugs, glitches, and imperfections in the code.

If the code reviewer finds any such problem, it is returned to the programmer for a quick fix. A code reviewer is mostly a more experienced programmer who is well-versed in writing perfect code. Moreover, by doing a code review, the employees can know where they mostly make mistakes or how they can improve their programming skills.

Today, many code review tools make the process easier and faster for both parties. These tools contain automated steps for code review and provide a detailed report on the codes. So, let’s see the ten best code review tools to make your software development process faster.

Ten Best Code Review Tools

Checkout the list of top 10 best code review tools that help you make your software development process fast & keep it bug free.

1) Review Board

Review Board is one of the best free code review tools available. Suppose you want to use the Review board for your data on a server, Python, PostgreSQL, or MySQL. In addition, you’ll also need a web server. The best part is that it works with several version control systems. For example, Git, CVS, and Perforce.

Key Features

  • The Review Board supports pre-commit as well as post-commit code reviews.
  • It gives you a visual comparison of code changes. Hence, it is one of the best code review tools.
  • You can also host a Review Board on your server. In this way, you can keep your code private.

2) Crucible

Crucible is a teamwork code review tool developed by Atlassian. With the help of Crucible, you can look at code and talk about changes. You can find mistakes in different versions of code.

Key Features

  • Crucible also works with version control systems like SVN, Git, and CVS.
  • It is mainly used to review codes and leave comments on the code. Therefore, it is one of the best code review tools for collaboration.
  • This code review tool can be merged with other Atlassian products like Confluence.

3) GitHub

GitHub comes with its code review tools in its pull requests. It is a part of GitHub’s basic service. Besides, it is one of the free code review tools for developers. In GitHub, if you can see the code, you can choose to review a pull request. Also, you can ask an admin to review your code.

Key Features

  • In GitHub, you can review the specific code differences.
  • Also, GitHub lets you resolve the basic Git conflicts through the website. Hence, it is one of the best code review tools for using Git.
  • You can also check the history of changes that you made.

4) Axolo

Axolo is different from what you might think of as a “code review tool.” It does not show you a lot of changes in the code. Rather, this code review tool focuses on talking. It moves the usual conversations you have on GitHub or Slack.

Key Features

  • Axolo makes a different temporary Slack chat for you. So, you get a separate chat for each code review.
  • You can invite the right folks to this chat. It includes people like code authors and reviewers.
  • This code review tool lets you send reminders and summary notes for meetings. Also, you can set times for code reviews.

5) CodeScene

CodeScene is a special code review tool that does more than the regular ones. It does not only look at your code. It keeps watching how your code changes over time.

Key Features

  • CodeScene looks at the history of your code. In this way, it makes a visual picture of your code.
  • It uses computer programs to find how people work together and spot secret problems in the code. Hence, it is one of the smartest code review tools.

6) Review Assistant

Review Assistant is a code review tool for Visual Studio. It even works with Visual Studio 2022. It helps in code review, so you don’t have to leave Visual Studio to review them. This code review tool for Visual Studio also works with different systems like TFS and Git.

Key Features

  • With the help of the Review assistant, you can make your workflow for code review.
  • The files that are unreviewed get highlighted on the code review board.
  • This code review tool for Visual Studio also lets you improve your code base. It does so by letting you start discussions and comments with your team.

7) CheckStyle

CheckStyle is one of the best Java code review tools. It checks if the code has followed all the rules. So, it is a time-saving tool for you. It is perfect for projects where you must write all the codes similarly.

Key Features

  • This code review tool for Java can be customized to work with different coding rules.
  • Checkstyles can also check the problems with how classes and methods are designed in your code.
  • You can also find it useful to know how your code looks.

8) PMD

PMD is one of the free code review tools for Java. It is mostly useful for looking at code on GitHub. It checks for common mistakes in your code that can make it slower. Moreover, it looks for mistakes like having the same code twice.

Key Features

  • PMD can help you find IP addresses or passwords in the code. Hence, it is one of the finest security code review tools.
  • This code review tool also has a tool called CPD. It helps you find copied and pasted code in Java and other languages.

9) SonarLint

SonarLint is one of the best open-source code review tools. This Java code review tool can look at Java code to see its quality. It is another good option if you are looking for one of the best security code review tools. It is because SonarLint checks for security issues and also shows reports for repeated code.

Key Features

  • SonaLint can work with 26 different programming languages besides Java.
  • This open-source code review tool has a very user-friendly dashboard. Also, it helps you to keep track of code review analysis.

10) FindBugs

FindBugs is another free Java code review tool. It also looks at the code’s problems, mistakes, and security issues. This code review tool shows these issues as warnings. Moreover, it lets you address warnings and messages one by one or in groups.

Key Features

  • SpotBugs is the upgraded version of FindBugs. It lists both the performance as well as code problems as warnings.
  • This code review tool sorts the warning into four categories. So, it helps you to decide how important these warnings are.

Final Words

Code review is an important process as it improves employees’ work efficiency over time. Moreover, with these tools, it has become easier than traditional code reviewing, like over-the-shoulder review or pair programming. Moreover, code review tools also cut the cost of hiring multiple code reviewers with automated steps.

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