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LambdaTest is a Cross Browser Testing Cloud. It allows testers and developers to do cross browser testing on 100+ browsers and Operating System in different resolutions of screen. Also It allows to test on the latest mobile phones and desktop browsers on the cloud.

What is Cross Browser Testing:

Cross Browser Testing is a non-functional testing. It helps to ensure our website or web application works as expected in various web browsers. We can perform cross browser testing on different browsers both manual and automated way. For manual testing, we create tests for each browser and execute it manually on each browser. For automated testing, we create Selenium tests with multiple conditional statements that execute test cases based on a specified browser type.

Key Features of LambdaTest:

Pricing of LambdaTest:

LambdaTest offers four plans for users to choose from.

LambdaTest Tool Registration:

1. Open this link :

2. Register with email address or you can sign up using Gmail.

LambdaTest Dashboard:

Manual Web App Testing with LambdaTest:

We can perform several types of manual cross browser testing with LambdaTest. Here’s each testing technique in detail:

1. Real-Time Cross Browser Testing -

This testing allows to test the web applications across multiple combinations of browsers and operating systems on different mobile phones and desktops.

2. Visual UI Testing with LambdaTest -

We perform visual testing of a web application in the following ways:

a) Screenshot Testing

b) Responsive Testing

c) Smart Visual Testing a) Screenshot Testing with LambdaTest -: b) Responsive Testing With LambdaTest -: c) Smart Visual UI Testing -

It allows to take multiple screenshots (25 screenshots) on different desktops and mobile devices configurations in a single session.

This will allows to perform responsive testing of the website or application. With LambdaTest responsive testing, we can check, how the website appears on different screen sizes and devices.

It helps to find common visual issues in application or website like icon size, font style, padding, text size, images, etc. LambdaTest Smart visual testing will clarify the difference between two or more images at a time with color change, and then allow you to mark the bugs, move it to a bug management tool, or edit it and leverage it in many other ways.

Integrate the LambdaTest:

LambdaTest has a unique and very important feature of integration to third-party apps. With LambdaTest we can perform web application testing and then raise the issue or bug to another application like

Originally published at on July 4, 2020.

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