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What Exactly Does This Recorder Panel Does?

  1. Record all actions that the user performs
  2. You can download this recording
  3. You can replay this recording
  4. You can inject certain steps within the recording how exactly it will be if we make changes
  5. You can measure the performance of each step
  6. You can export the puppeteer (node JS) script

Let’s See How The Google Chrome Recorder Works?

  1. Click On the Start New Recording button and enter the recording name Ex — TestScript
  2. Click On the Start New Recording Red Circle button
  3. Perform a Few Actions on the website like Opening URL, Entering Data, and clicking any button
  4. Once Actions are performed, then click on the End Recording button. This will save our recorded action in “Test Script”
  5. Now you can export your recorded script. It will be in NodeJS and then you can embed it into any application.
  6. You can replay the recording to see all your recorded actions

How to Change Selector in Your Recorded Script?

  1. Click On the Arrow icon in your test script for that action
  2. Then click on the element on which you want to perform this action
  3. The selector will automatically get filled in your test script for that element

How to Add Assertions in Recorded Test Script?

  • # Click on Three dots and add that step where you need to perform assertion
  • * type: wait for element
  • * selector: {You can add locator on your own}
  • * operator: == {Click on Add Operator button}
  • * count: 6 {Click on Add Count Button}

Common Selector/Locators Used:

  1. data-testid
  2. data-test
  3. data-qa
  4. data-cy
  5. data-test-id
  6. data-qa-id
  7. data-testing

Actions Performed in Script:

  1. Navigate To
  2. Click on Search Field
  3. Enter “ISTQB certification”
  4. Press Enter Button
  5. Key Up to go to ISTQB Link
  6. Click On the ISTQB link
  7. It redirects to Page —

How To Run Puppeteer Script for CLI?

  1. Node JS
  2. npm



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