How to set an app password and verify the email of the logged-in users into an application?

How to automate a test case where 2 — factor authentication is enabled?

  • Open your Google account
  • Click on Manage your Google Account and select security
  • Under “Signing in to Google,” select App Passwords
  • Sign in, to your account
  • Select app and device and click on Generate button as shown in the below image
  • The App Password appears in the yellow bar on your device as shown below:

Code to Verify the user is getting an email notification for the user logged in to the system

*** Settings ***
Library Collections
Library OperatingSystem
Library String
Library SeleniumLibrary

*** Variables ***
${driver} webdriver.gecko.driver
${path} C:\\Users\\ddev0\\Downloads\\driver\\chromedriver
${url}= “enter your site URL here”
${browser} chrome

#Gmail Login
USER_PASS = "wituloholeefukow" #App password
APP_USER_PASS = "Tester1@”

*** Keywords ***
Verify Email Notification For Logged In User
[Documentation] This keyword use to verify email of account verified
... Argument1: user of the registered user
... Argument2: email of the registered user
[Arguments] ${username} ${email}
Open Mailbox user=${USER_EMAIL} password=${USER_PASS}
${LATEST} = Wait For Email subject=Login (${email}) timeout=300
${HTML} = Get Email body ${LATEST}
Should Contain ${HTML} Hello ${username}
Should Contain ${HTML} Thank you for verifying your email address. Your account will be approved shortly and you will receive an email with information
Should Contain ${HTML} In the meantime, please make sure to sign up
Close Mailbox

Login With User #created keyword to login into my app
[Arguments] ${user} ${pswd}
Login Page Should Be Seen
input text ${EMAIL_INPUT_FIELD} ${user}
input text ${PASSWORD_INPUT_FIELD} ${pswd}
Click Button ${SUBMIT_BTN}

*** Test Cases ***

Verify user is getting notification when a registered user logged in into system
[Tags] test=1
Set Environment Variable ${driver} ${path}
Open Browser ${url} ${browser}
Verify Email Notification For Logged In User ${USERNAME} ${USER_EMAIL}
Close After Test ${USERNAME}
Close Browser



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