How to Handle Web Table In Selenium?

Web Table As Given Below As:

Appropriate Use of Tables

  1. Quantitative Information — Tables show a certain quantity, range, or amount of information retrieval, knowledge acquisition, and summarization.
  2. Data Comparison — Tables show different amounts of data. It shows a comparison of different data like in the above table shows different monument information.
  3. If you have more than one set of values that are directly related.

HTML Tables

Example of Writing a Web Table Using HTML:

  1. Static Web Tables= the data remain fixed not changed. Its row and column are not updated
  2. Dynamic Web Tables= the data changes according to the requirement. Its row and column change depending upon the data shifts
  1. Launch new Browser
  2. Open URL “
  3. Suppose you want to get the values of ‘country’ column
  1. First you get the values of all rows web element



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