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2 min readNov 17, 2023

While testing/automating any software, it is important to generate reports after the execution of any tests. So if we talk about Cypress, Cypress supports multiple reporters, the most readable report is the HTML reporter.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to generate an HTML report using Cypress:

Step 1: Install Cypress reporter, using Terminal install.

npm i — save-dev cypress-mochawesome-reporter

Step 2: Navigate to the cypress configuration file,i.e.cypress.config.js


const { defineConfig } = require(“cypress”);

module.exports = defineConfig({

reporter: ‘cypress-mochawesome-reporter’,

video: false,

reporterOptions: {

charts: true,

reportPageTitle: ‘Cypress Inline Reporter’,

embeddedScreenshots: true,

inlineAssets: true, //Adds the asserts inline


e2e: {

setupNodeEvents(on, config) {



In the above code

  • charts: true –It will Generate a Chart in an HTML report.
  • reportPageTitle: It will setReport title.
  • embedded screenshots: true– By using this, the Screenshot will be embedded within the report.
  • inlineAssets: true– By using this, No separate assets folder will be created.

Step 3: Navigate to the cypress/support/e2e.js, and add the import statement

import ‘cypress-mochawesome-reporter/register’;

Step 4: Execute your tests with the below command

npx cypress run — e2e

Step 5: Once the execution is complete, Cypress Generates the HTML report. Navigate to the “reports” Folder, HTML report will be generated there.

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