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1 min readNov 16, 2023

Allure is a test tool to create nice-looking and concise reports. It can be configured to show bugs, fixtures, broken tests, timing, and history. Allure reports provide great presentational diagrams

Step by Step Guide to Generate Allure Reports

Follow the below 05 easy steps to generate allure reports with cypress

Step 1: Install Allure , using Terminal

npm i -D @shelex/cypress-allure-plugin

Step 2: Add below code in e2e.js file under support Folder

/// <reference types=”@shelex/cypress-

Step 3- Add Below Code in cypress.config.js file

const allureWriter = require(‘@shelex/cypress-allure-plugin/writer’);

allureWriter(on, config);

return config;

Step 4: Execute your tests with the below command

./node_modules/.bin/cypress run

Step 5: Once the execution is complete, Run below commands

allure generate -clean

allure Open



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