Complete Guide on How to Install CodeIgniter 4 — Devstringx Technologies

  • Copy the index.php and .htaccess file form the public folder and past outside the public folder.
  • Open the index.php and change the below-given code
  • Replace the above line with below
  • And press Ctrl+S to save the changes
  • Now you can access the project without the public http://localhost/C4/
  • Home_cnt.php at path xampp\htdocs\C4\app\Controllers
  • Blogs_mod.php at path xampp\htdocs\C4\app\Models
  • AddBlog_view.php at path xampp\htdocs\C4\app\Views
  • BlogsList_view.php at path xampp\htdocs\C4\app\Views
  • EditBlog_view.php at path xampp\htdocs\C4\app\Views
  • Open .env and setup the default database connection
  • database.default.hostname = localhost
  • database.default.database = codeigniter4
  • database.default.username = root
  • database.default.password =
  • database.default.DBDriver = MySQLi
  • Open .env and change the project environment
  • CI_ENVIRONMENT = development



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