Prerequisites :

-PHP 7.3

-Visual Studio Code

//run this command on terminal composer require slim/slim:”3.*”


Step1: Install the composer

Step2: Install the codeigniter 4

There are two way to install the codeigniter 4

Way 1:

create-project codeigniter4/appstarter codeigniter4POC

Way 2:

Visit the below link and download the codeigniter 4 structure

Step3: run composer update from the project root terminal

Step4: create token from your github account

In this blog you will learn how to create a python function to read and fetch the data from excel sheet and then call that function in your robot class.

Read Employee Name from the excel file whose screenshot is shared as below:

Laravel is a web framework which is mostly used for web and api development. It has a large community of developers. And a rich collection of library’s. In this blog we will learn about telescopes.

Telescope is a Laravel library Telescope provides insight into the requests coming into your application, exceptions, log entries, database queries, queued jobs, mail, notifications, cache operations, scheduled tasks, variable dumps, and more.

Steps to install the telescope in your project

Step 1. Run the blow command in your project

composer require laravel/telescope

Cucumber is a tool that supports BDD (Behaviour Data Driven). By using cucumber, we can write test scripts in a way that anybody can understand even if the person is non-technical can understand that what’s going in the test script. In BDD, business analysts, product owners first write scenarios that describe the behavior of the product from the customer’s perspective,

In Cucumber, We use Given-When-Then steps. Let’s consider a scenario

Feature: Machine Calculator As a user I want to use to Multiply the numbers So that I don’t need to multiply my own

Given − It describes the pre-requisite for…

API’s (Application programming interface) plays important role in development. An application programming interface is an interface that defines interactions between multiple softwares.

API’s are essential part of any software that why it becomes necessarily to test API’s manually or Through Automation.

Rest Assured gives you functionality to test REST API’s with java libraries and Maven Integration. Rest Assured has multiple methods to fetch data from every part of the request/response body.

Configuration Needed for Rest Assured

Step1- Install Any IDE (Eclipse, IntelliJ J) & Install Java.

Step 2- Install Maven.

Step3- Create Maven Project on Eclipse & on Pom.xml, …

In this Blog, we will learn how we can fetch data from image and PDF.

This Blog Contains:

  • Read Text From Image Using OCR with Tesseract (tess4j)
  • Reading PDF Text Using PDFUtil
  • Save PDF as Image Using PDFUtil
  • Extract Images From PDF Using PDFUtil

Fetch Text From Image:

For fetching text from Image, we use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) with Tesseract (tess4j). Tesseract Supports UTF-8 unicode.

  • First we need to create a folder with name “tesseract” in our project and put trainedData in that folder. You can find trainedData for any language from below URL:

Just Download eng.trainedData for…

With the following steps, you can setup Appium in Pycharm

Step 1: Install Python

Step 2: Install Pycharm Community Edition

Step 3: Install Node JS

Step 4: Install Appium Desktop App

Step 5: Install Appium through Command Line

Creating a new Angular Project

Let’s create a new Angular project using the Angular CLI tool by running/executing the following angular CLI command

  • ng new export-to-excel
  • Would you like to add Angular routing? Yes
  • Which stylesheet format would you like to use? SCSS

What’s ExcelJS?

ExcelJS is the Javascript library used to read, write and manipulate the excel spreadsheet data and styles to JSON and XLSX. We can create XLSX files easily with formatted headers, footers, cells, and input any custom data including text, images, etc. It’s an active and community-driven library with many features.

Features of ExcelJS

Here are some of the awesome features of Excel JS:-

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